Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sermon: 01-17-2010

Sermon - Does Faith Matter: The Question of Violence and Hatred
By Pastor Cindy Watson

Sermon: 01-10-2010

Sermon - Does Faith Matter: Finding A Path
By Pastor Cindy Watson

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Response to Haiti Earthquake

The devastating earthquake this week in Haiti has stunned everyone who has seen the pictures of the tragedy that continues to unfold there. The desperation of the survivors, the thousands of victims, the rubble and the need for food, water, shelter and medical care. Already millions of dollars have been donated to the Red Cross, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), Doctors without Borders and countless other relief organizations.

Last night as I watched the news, I found myself strangely offended by the news coverage. I know that the best way to get information out is through pictures and stories so that the world will respond to the need. However, I found myself wondering if the news was crossing the line showing a child screaming in pain while the reporter held his hand. Then they had person after person asking where the help was, asking "Why is no one responding?"

The world is responding, but of course it can never be fast enough for the hurting, the hungry and the thirsty of Haiti. The sheer logistics of getting aid where it is needed is overwhelming. Aid is arriving, as I type, as people read what I write. However, it doesn't stop the pain of those without medical care, the fear of those whose children are thirsty and hungry and the unbelievable grief of a nation mourning the loss of thousands.

I am choosing not to "watch" any more. I do not want to be voyeur into other's pain. What I will do is pray, that the relief efforts continue to pour in. I will pray for order and peace in the chaos as the aid is being delivered to those who desperately need it. I will give generously and often in the next few weeks.

Here is the link for the United Methodist Response to the earthquake. It includes a way to give to UMCOR. One hundred percent goes to Haiti.

Charity watch is an organization that keeps tabs on charities. UMCOR has received one of the few A + ratings. The link invites you to go to their website.

Finally, our children will be putting together Health Kits....they are simple really, but needed in tragedies like Haiti. The supplies for them are listed in the link above or on the church website
If you would like to help by bringing supplies, or by making health kits, I would invite you to drop them off at the church, 745 N. Westlink, Wichita, Ks.

In prayer, and in hope, I continue to be

Graced to serve