Friday, May 22, 2009


I am home from Annual Conference. Tired, grateful and praying for a blessing as I begin my fourth year at West Heights.

The discussion around the constitutional amendments was tense, but civil. As always, it seems to me we get distracted by things that are part of the whole, but usually are minimally important. Which of course means, the deeper meanings of what is going on gets overlooked.

Each year, I know more and more of the names read of those who have died. I mourn some great pastors and saints. I also give a prayer of thanks for lives well lived.

I am glad that Bishop Jones has brought back the "reading" of the appointments. It affirms the ministry of the individual as well as the ministry of the local church. Each year as my name is read I am excited for next year and challenged to be the best pastor I can be in the place I am called to serve.

I will probably do some more reflections when my mind is not so befuddled with business and fatigue.

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