Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am really not good at taking time off. Over the years, I have gotten very good at taking my "day" off, but really investing time in vacation, in sabbath is not my strong suit. But later this afternoon, after a Board of Directors meeting for Interfaith Ministries, my dear husband and I are heading out.

He encourages me to take time off. He encourages me to slow down. I am driven however. I grew up with the whole idea of time off was to get things done....around the yard, around the house, you know...idle hands and all. So even on my days off, I tend to "get things done".

What I miss, but my incessant need to be doing, is the chance to truly relax. I love to read, but take very little time to really enjoy reading. I love to do hand work, but haven't had a needle out for a long time. I love to work in clay, again, haven't take the time. I cook, which gives me some creative outlet, because it is relatively easy to justify...after all we have to eat!

So, for the first time in a long time my husband and I are heading out. Taking a road trip to spend time with my twin, with my brother and his wife and to visit a daughter and husband. We intend to play, to sleep, to visit and to hang loose.

So, I won't be posting for a few days. I will be attempting to focus my energy on relaxing and enjoying the people I love. I will re-embrace the sacred sabbath as a way of reconnecting and refilling myself with the Divine Presence. It will be a gift of grace, so that I remain;

Graced to Serve.


  1. Blessings upon your true Sabbath, a rest in the presence of God with frends and family. I remember the Jewell County days when you worked way to hard and long. I'm glad you are giving yourself grace as has God. I speak these words from my own experience with perfectionism and like maladies.

  2. I am blessed, as they say, with you and your husband spending your well deserved sabbath with Rachel and I. Anyone who wipes down the bathroom prior to leaving is always welcome.

    I hope you found family, fellowship, and respite during your days. I know we did.