Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 2 of Caravan

Today began bright and early. In fact, we were on the bus on time without a hitch. Seven a.m. in the morning and we were “all together” in one place. We headed to Arkansas.

One of the caravan traditions is quiet time first thing in the morning. For the first hour or so, all is quiet, no noise, and no pranks to allow for some extra sleep. Then we watched a movie until it was time for lunch.

While on the bus, we had what is called “story time”. Everyone has an opportunity to share a story from the day before or something we might have done that day. We heard all about the “hammerhead sharks, the rip tides, the killer turtles” that were encountered on Thursday at Turner Falls State Park in Oklahoma. Who knew such ferocious creatures lurked there. Our caravaners, of course, carried on bravely and were able to exit the Falls victoriously.

Today we went diamond hunting at…. Youth Dude, Kris, found seven diamonds that they registered at the crater. The rest of us didn’t find anything. Then it was on to Hot Springs for our second service at the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church. We did a full service and it went well. It was wonderful for people to come out on a Friday evening to worship.

Then it was off to fast food, where I had a lovely char broiled Whopper Jr. We landed at the First United Methodist Church, which is a beautiful facility. The gymnasium has a walking track above. It is set up for a contemporary worship service. Their traditional services are in the sanctuary.

This building we are staying in has the gym, a kitchen, a Children’s learning center, youth workout room, hangout room and classrooms for children and youth. It is a welcoming and delightful place.

Tomorrow, I will post about the evening rituals as we settle down for the night.

Graced to Serve.

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