Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Day of Caravan

This morning we began the first day of worship caravan. At West Heights, this is a MAJOR tradition for our youth. Since January, they have been retreating, working together to come up with a theme, with biblical texts, music and prayers and dramas to portray the biblical stories.

This year's theme: Back to the Basics. They are using words like Rejoice, Reveal, Renew, Rethink, Remind, Recreate and others to focus on what is important. The dramas are based on Daniel in the Lion's Den, David and Goliath and Moses and the burning bush. The focus is on God providing and being there in all adversity.

Our first service this morning was at 8:15 a.m. at the Georgetown Center. It was a great experience for the kids and the folks that lived there. It was a beautiful day to play and swim and hang out at Turner Falls State Park. We are spending the night at First United Methodist Church, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Tonight we had a rehearsal to work out some rough spots in the music. Nothing major, just some polish here and there. The kids have had a ball! Those who have been on caravan before say, "this is the best day one ever!" Perhaps because we were not so rushed to get some where...or spend too many hours on the bus at one time. There has been some sleeping, some movie watching, some swimming, some reading, some "tweeting" and some great bonding.

The underlying theme of trust and faith is a wonderful one to take on the road. The world is changing, bad things happen, but God has been there throughout the ages to support and lift our the people of God.

Some of us are "tweeting" or "twittering" throughout the day. If you want to know some of what is happening in real time....go to You do not need to be a member. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and type #whcaravan in the search box. It will bring up Chris Brown, myself, Deb Wiens and some responses from West Heights folks. It's a new way to stay in touch and know what is happening on the road.

I will continue to blog as I have Internet access and "tweet" when I can. Continue to lift us in your prayers.

Honored to be with these awesome youth and
Graced to Serve.

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